Monday, August 4, 2008

'Jaher', the worshiping place of santals. Like most of the tribes worldwide, santals too are basically nature-worshipers. Jaher is just a small place in the lap of mother nature where people offer their prayers to the spirit of mountains (Marang Buru).

The fairly new state Jharkhand is said to have gotten its name from Jaher-khand, with major population of santals and oraon tribes.


सुकुमार सोरेन said...

ye hamara puja sthan hai jahan hamlog puja karte hai.yahan sabhi bonga buru(devi dewta)rahte he.

Unknown said...

This is the holy place for santhali who worship their god and the place is known as "Jaher". Santhali believe that there is no definite shape of All Mighty and so giving definite shape will be erroneous.

Shivcharan Hembrom said...

Santhal is such a teabel community in which no other caste can follow the santhal (sarna)relegion except he/she should born in this relegion.